Where are you based?

We are based in Melbourne Australia.

Will the stone pieces scratch my surfaces?

Many of our pieces unless they are dual sided come with netting underneath to minimise the chance of scratches.  

Why aren't my two pieces the same?

Due to the nature of the natural stone, no two slabs are ever the same, each slab has its unique colour, pattern and veining. This means each piece is unique for you, and that’s the beauty of it!

Do you have a showroom?

For the moment, we are only selling online but we do have many beautiful stockists around Australia. If you are hesitant about a particular piece, please refer to our customer highlights on our Instagram or many tagged photos.

Can I hire products for an event or shoot?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer our pieces for hire but if you are purchasing many pieces for an event we would be more than happy to extend our wholesale discount to you for your occasion. Please contact us via DM or email

Do you offer wholesale?

We do offer wholesale. If you wish to enquire about becoming a wholesaler please contact us via DM or email 

How can I view your pieces?

At the moment we are only online however if you do wish to view certain pieces we would be more than happy to send through close up videos or photos for your perusal. 

Where are your pieces made and materials sourced from?

Our pieces are all handcrafted and cut in Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Australia. All our pieces are constructed using natural stone. It all begins at a quarry high up in the alps from places where natural stone is extracted from the earth. All our stone is imported from all over Europe. It is then cut and shipped off to fabricators like us. We then cut the slabs on a water jet or handcraft them to complete the final step of transporting each piece with love from the earth’s core to your home. We pride ourselves on giving a second life to slabs and in an environmentally conscious manner

How should I care for my il Pietra pieces?

Accidents do happen and so we are here to help with a list of instructions to care for and preserve your little slice of mother nature. You can shop with confidence and know our pieces are designed to last a lifetime as they are made of natural stone. Over time however your piece may show wear and tear of which this is all a part of the beauty of natural stone ageing.

Many common foods and drinks contain acids that will etch or dull the stone surface so blot the spill with a paper towel immediately. Don’t wipe the area, as it will spread the spill.

We suggest cleaning surfaces with fresh warm water or methylated spirits. Do not use cleaners containing grit or abrasives on natural stone surfaces. Try avoid products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids on natural stone surfaces.

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate, we are one email away and here to help! Contact us via DM or email il_pietra@hotmail.com